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Take A Look At Us

April 5, 2011


Hey everyone, we’re guest blogging on Ucreate Foods.!!!! How awesome is that?! We were asked by them to be a guest blogger for their site and to write an informational post just like we did earlier on our own site about mangoes. But this time we wrote a nice post about passion fruit. It’s actually pretty cool. You should take a look.


The Wearable Egg Drop Soup

March 28, 2011

Speaking of egg drop soup, I’d love to have a nice big bowl of it as we speak. It’s cold here in Bogotá and that would be the perfect remedy for the chills. But, seeing as though the only way I’ll get to eat it is if I make it, I guess we’ll be waiting a few weeks for that post. In the meantime, I’ll tell you about this necklace. The pendant itself inspired the title. Doesn’t it look like an egg? Maybe I’ll name all my jewelry after food dishes. I mean food is the only thing I think about all day. The pendant is made from an authentic turquoise stone which I wire wrapped and attached to a silver chain that you can adjust to your liking.

If anyone is interested in any of the jewelry shown or ones that I plan to post here, please feel free to e-mail us of your interest. We are also looking into opening up a shop at Etsy but are still working out some kinks and making sure that we can find reasonable shipping for our products.

Whole-Wheat Blackberry Bread Pudding

March 25, 2011

My earliest memory of bread pudding was a trip that my family and I took to Savannah, Georgia. I remember going down into this old, cobblestone, circa 1785 era alley that looked so dark and dangerous. There was this small cafe/restaurant that was nestled in there and I told my family I wanted to check it out. Thank goodness we did, because it turned out to be a small pastry cafe that sold everything from chocolate cake and creme brulee to bread pudding. But the best thing was that they weren’t some dainty pastries that they were selling, no, they were jam packed full of butter, fat and more fat. And I loved it. Who doesn’t love fat? Read more…


March 22, 2011

Sometimes I’m just inspired by…nothing. Ok, maybe not “nothing”, but just by “stuff” or  whatever I see.  Sometimes I walk into a store to buy things to make some jewelry and I just peruse the merchandise, sometimes I walk in circles or sometimes I just stand there and stare at things.  Maybe I’ll walk out with just a few beads. Sometimes I’ll buy stuff and not even have a clue as to what I’ll do with it. But a lot of times I’ll pick something up and just try to think how I would want it to look on me and I buy it. That’s what happened with me and these porcelain beads.  I loved the designs and colors and when I saw the metal beads I just knew that I had to have them because I loved the image that they evoked. They have this whole indigenous, earthy feel to them. What do you think? Tell us, what inspires you?

A veces estoy inspirada por… nada. Bueno, tal vez no por “nada”, pero si por “cosas” que veo. A veces entro en una tienda a comprar material para hacer unas joyas  y miro por encima toda la tienda, a veces doy varias  vueltas, o a veces me quedo parada mirando fijamente las cosas. Tal vez salga con sólo unas pulseras. A veces voy a comprar cosas y ni siquiera tengo la menor idea de lo que voy a hacer con ellas. Pero muchas veces tomo algo y simplemente trato  de pensar cómo me gustaría que se viera en mí y lo compro. Eso es lo que pasó conmigo y con estas pulseras de porcelana. Me encantaron el diseño y los  colores y cuando vi el metal de las pulseras sabía que tenía que tenerlo porque me encantó la imagen que  evocó. Transmiten una idea de indígenas y la tierra. ¿Qué piensas al respecto? Dínos, ¿Qué es lo que te inspira?

Passion Fruit Pudding / Pudín de Maracuyá

March 21, 2011

Why am I always hungry? It seems like every 15 minutes I’m looking for something to eat, drink, chomp on or am passing by the kitchen staring at it as if it was the first time that I had seen one. I know it’s not cravings so it’s can’t be the other thing…you know..the ‘P’ word. So maybe it’s my nerves or maybe it’s because I just love food. If I wasn’t married to my husband, I’d probably be married to food, if that were even possible. Read more…

Rice 101

March 18, 2011

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved rice. If my mom was making a dish, I would always ask her to make a pot of rice on the side for me. If I was home alone and there was nothing in the fridge to eat, I’d make some rice and accompany it with eggs and hot dogs. Hey, don’t hate on the food. It might sound disgusting now, but that’s all that I could crank out when I was younger. Not to worry, I’m capable of doing a lot more; hopefully evident by this blog. But sometimes I find myself reverting back to my old ways when I get REALLY desperate and just am not in my creative zone or when I’m just plain old lazy.

Here in Colombia rice is like water.  It’s a necessity. You just have to have it. Just like water is basically in everything around us, rice is found accompanying every dish. I am convinced that Colombians can eat a ton of rice a day and not even be bothered by it. I promise. In our house, we eat rice almost everyday. So much that for a wedding gift we were given a rice maker. When we first had to use it, I told my husband he wouldn’t catch me using it because I had no idea how to use it. I was accustomed  to using a regular pot and stove to cook my rice. But now I had to use this foreign machine to cook rice. I was lost. So for the first few weeks Rafael had to make rice, while I watched with a pen and pencil how to calculate the measurements and figure out which button to push. Result? Puff…it’s a walk in the park. I mean, after a few watery, dry, semi-cooked batches, I finally got it. Piece of cake. Read more…

The Fiesta Bracelet

March 18, 2011

I’m all about a good time. Put on some good music and you’ve got me moving. I love turning up the music in my car and just blasting a song at full volume while I sing along at the same volume not caring who watches me or makes fun of me. I’m all about bringing the party to where you are. Stuck in traffic on the freeway? Blast some music and entertain yourself, who cares if the lady behind you is honking, she’ll eventually stop. Walking down the street and suddenly you remember a tune to your favorite song? Bust out a move right there in public. Yeah, people will be looking, but they’re only wishing they could be that carefree. Hey, I’ve done it before. Is your outfit lacking a little flare and attitude? That’s cool, that’s why we have fiesta bracelets, to put a little fun in your outfit. Hence the title “fiesta” (“party” in spanish). Read more…